30 Social Media Predictions From 30 Social Media Pros

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 #1: Marketers will have more tools to stimulate conversation.

 #2: More companies will invest in social media.

 #3: Social media will become mainstream.

 #4: Quora will leave beta and become a serious player in social networking.

 #5: People will demand more from social media.

 #6: Social media will no longer be something the “cool kids” are doing.

 #7: Facebook will become a real ecommerce platform.

 #8 Social communication skills will get better.

 #9: Social media will expand through creativity, diversification and content.

 #10: Internet noise will reach rock-concert levels.

 #11: Social media will become targetable.

 #12: Social media will become more cross-functional.

 #13: Small businesses will stand a better chance of competing with the bigger names.

 #14: There will be a shakeout in second-tier social media platforms.

 #15: 2011 will be the breakout year for social search.

 #16: Content marketing will drive social media forward.

 #17: Social media will have an ever-larger impact in the search engine rankings.

 #18: Curation tools will become the primary way people use social media.

 #19: 2011 will be a year of listening, courage and enabling.

 #20: Influence will be measured by follower and fan engagement.

 #21: Personal authenticity will become increasingly important.

 #22: Brands will use more one-on-one communication on social media.

 #23: The social media industry will “reboot.”

 #24: Expect to see more traction, innovation and spending in group buying in 2011.

 #25: In 2011, we’ll see a further divide between Twitter and Facebook.

 #26: Social media marketers will get the value—and necessity—of relying on direct-response tactics.

 #27: Social media measurements will become visual.

 #28: Deals, specials and discounts will flourish inside of Facebook pages.

 #29: More collaboration between social media players.

 #30: Facebook will welcome its one billionth member to massive worldwide fanfare.

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